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She has been an amazing teacher who has kept Georgia going spiritually as well as academically through some difficult times. Without her Georgia may not have achieved her goals.

Alicia C.


Matthew continues to enjoy the learning support lessons, which have clearly been invaluable since you started working with him. Thank you for all that you have done for him, he has benefited a great deal from your structured and fun lessons. You have a thorough understanding of his needs - thank you.

Hannah C.


What can I say? You have been even better than excellent. Michael has grown in the last year with you from an unhappy little boy who didn't like school to a happy little chap who can't wait to get to school. You have taken extra time to listen to both Michael and myself and have been a great support. Your attitude has always remained positive and your teaching methods fun and effective. They say to teach is to touch a life and I can definitely say that you have touched ours, for which we are grateful. Thank you so much.

Lisa C.


...she brought Hugo forward in leaps and bounds both academically and in confidence. His experience the previous year had been quite damaging and she was a breath of air. He is a changed boy in confidence and capability.

Kate H.


Thank you for being a great teacher. The energy, enthusiasm and encouragement that you have given Alex will carry him a long way.

Helen C.


Without your time, genuine concern and patience, Katie would have struggled. It is lovely for us, as parents, to know that she has truly been cared for by a gifted teacher.

Bryony K.